Motorists can expect delays and jams, with lane closures, as Luxembourg's road tunnels get a spring clean.

Last Monday evening, the St Esprit tunnel was the first in line.

Luxembourg's tunnels are cleaned twice a year, in the spring and in autumn. The clean-up operation takes around two weeks in total and always causes traffic jams and chaos on Luxembourg's streets. A cleaning crew from Switzerland is brought in twice a year specially for this job.

To keep traffic disruptions to a minimum, the work is carried out at night whenever possible. However, this isn't always practicable, which is why some tunnels will also be closed - at least partially - during the day.

After all of the major tunnels have been cleaned, maintenance work will begin. Similar to the clean-up operation, maintenance also takes place twice a year.

Cleaning tunnels is hard work. Before the scrubbers can be used, the tunnel walls first have to be wiped down by hand with brushes.

St Esprit tunnel is 639 metres long. The Swiss workers took an hour to scrub only one wall. Before work could continue on the second wall, their lorry had to be refilled with water.

Below in the links box is a PDF list of all the tunnel closures over the next couple of weeks.