During the holiday season, the ministry of health is reminding "Fuesboken", i.e. carnival-goers, to keep a handle on their drink.

Drinking can be dangerous and bad for your health: There are few who seem not to know this.

Especially during the carnival season however, not every reveller is acting rationally.

For this reason, the health ministry launched a new awareness campaign to coincide with the carnival period.

Under the slogan "Less alcohol, more fun. Not a pint too much!", Luxembourg's health ministry is appealing to young people in particular.

A European study showed that on average, minors have their first contact with alcohol at the young age of 16.

In Luxembourg, 41% of people drink alcohol during the week. The European average lies is only 30%.

Luxembourg's level of excess drinkers also lies above the European average. Here, 11% of residents binge-drink at least once per week. EU-wide, this percentage lies at only 5.5%.

Shockingly, over-consumption of alcohol constitutes the second most common cause for preventable deaths in the Grand Duchy.

Overindulging on a regular basis can lead to cardio-vascular problems, cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.

The health ministry has also set up a new app, which allows users to track their alcohol consumption.