It's been exactly one year that four-year-old Enzo died at the paediatric hospital, KannerKlinik. His parents are still getting to grips with their loss.

Patricia Dias and Roman Rota lived the nightmare of every parent, when they said farewell to their four-year-old son.

Enzo, who had complained of serious stomach pain, died in KannerKlinik, the pediatric hospital in Strassen, Luxembourg. An autopsy, later, revealed that he was suffering from acute gastroenteritis.

One year back, four-year-old Enzo had started complaining of severe stomach pains and nausea. As his symptoms worsened, his parents decided to take him to the Esch emergency room. Doctors diagnosed a gastric flu and sent the family home.

Two days later, Enzo's condition hadn't improved. When his parents took him to the hospital, doctors delivered the same diagnosis and he was sent home again.

The following night, however, Enzo's condition deteriorated drastically. This time, he was taken to the paediatric emergency in Strassen where he was finally admitted. But it was too late. A couple of hours later, the four-year-old died suddenly, of, what an autopsy would later confirm as, acute gastroenteritis.

A year on, court proceedings are under way but parents, Patricia and Roman, still wonder whether they could have done anything differently. They are now campaigning for more paediatric hospitals to be set up throughout the country and for proper pediatric units in Luxembourg's three major hospitals.