As the election draws closer, here's what you can expect from RTL Today on the day itself.

You may have noticed that we've given quite a lot of attention to the upcoming parliamentary elections, even going so far as to produce longform video interviews with party leaders. With the elections now just around the corner, we're hard at work planning our coverage of election day to make sure that our readers can follow the results along with the rest of the country.

While RTL Today only launched earlier this year, we are able to draw on the experience of our colleagues at not to mention the media infrastructure of the company as a whole. So what can you expect from us on election day?

We'll be at the centre of the action

RTL has invited politicians, journalists, and other people of influence in the elections to our headquarters in Kirchberg. This allows us to interview them as results start coming out, and keep abreast with the overall atmosphere of the election as the day progresses.

Pictures, videos, and articles

In addition to articles detailing the latest developments throughout the day, we will have a stream of pictures and videos throughout the day. Naturally this will include interviews with politicians, as well as pictures and video from the parties' headquarters.

Exit polls and results

The most important aspect of our coverage will of course be regular updates as results start coming in, both from exit polls and official vote counts. We will ensure that you are continuously up to date with the latest developments throughout the election process, right up to the point where a new government has been formed.

In-depth articles and continuous updates

As is our style, we will provide you with a mix of content throughout the day - from short and informative updates for those of you who may be short on time, to longer in-depth articles that should appeal to the hardcore politics fans among you.