Since 2013, for the first time ever, the Greens have been in government, part of the trifold coalition. Will this increase their chances in the upcoming election?

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VIDEO: Election Special - François Bausch - long version
François Bausch - Déi Gréng, The Greens

François Bausch, leader of the Green party, has been in charge of three ministries for the last five years: special planning, transport and infrastructure. Under his watch, we have seen the introduction of the tram, accompanied by "a completely different way of organising transport in general".

After a political life spent mostly in opposition, Mr Bausch has been astonished by what change can be achieved in power.

"If you have political courage, you can do a lot in government".

The Coalition

Three parties have shared power for the first time ever. With perhaps an initially sceptical reception, Mr Bausch is thrilled that these five years have allowed Luxembourg citizens to see what the Greens can do. He feels that a trifold coalition has been beneficial to democracy too.

"It was even easier to find compromises between three parties than two", with the obvious proviso that the mix of personalities matters.

"It's amazing for us"

"Before it was CSV with Liberals or Socialists. We really exposed Luxembourg's democracy to a different coalition."

In recent polls, Mr Bausch says 59% of the population want the Greens in government, placing them second to CSV with 63%. "It's amazing for us".

Having had the opportunity to govern, we will soon see if this has made an impact on the actual votes as well in the polls.

The Election Interviews

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Lisa Burke