Over the last couple of months, we’ve had the chance to interview all the party leaders. We start with the Pirate Party headed by Sven Clement.

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VIDEO: Election Special - Sven Clement - long version
RTL Today's Lisa Burke interviews head of the Pirate Party Sven Clement.

The Pirate Party originated in Sweden on 1 January 2006 in a reaction against copyright law. Since then, Pirate Parties have popped up around the world. One might think, given the name, it's not serious. It is. The Icelandic Pirate Party won 14.5% of the parliamentary votes there in 2016 for instance. Can Sven do the same?!

Simplify life - go digital

Given his entrepreneurial spirit, Sven wants Luxembourg to become more digital, citing the copious paperwork and various stamps one needs here.

He is young, has been actively involved in politics since his teenage years, and is keen for the Pirate Party not to be seen as a niche option.

So, press play, and let Sven tell you the rest...

Thoughts behind the Election Interviews

Some of us are quite new to Luxembourg; some have been here for years.  Either way, as the Vox Pops showed, most of us can't recognise many leaders beyond Xavier Bettel and Etienne Schneider! Many party websites don't even have information available in English. 

These video interviews have been left in long-form, rather than the normal short sound-bites, to get a better sense of the person, their sincerity to lead their parties, and possibly Luxembourg.  

They're not hard-core political interviews (yet). The focus is on getting to know the person behind the politics. For fairness, we ask similar questions to all leaders.  

We hope you enjoy the series!

If you want more information on how the election process works in Luxembourg check out our Knowledge Bites Election piece.

Lisa Burke