On 11 March, chosen participants will be able to spend a captivating day with the British, Canadian, and U.S. embassies in Luxembourg.

In a joint effort to mark International Women's Day, the British, Canadian, and U.S. embassies in Luxembourg have announced the launch of the "Diplomat for a Day" competition. Geared towards young women, this initiative aims to empower participants by offering a firsthand experience in international diplomacy, nurturing their leadership potential in addressing global challenges.

Save the date for 11th March! Picture spending a day mingling with ambassadors, seasoned diplomats, and local leaders. It's not your typical day, trust us. This initiative presents young women in Luxembourg with a unique opportunity to dive into the world of international diplomacy, fostering their leadership skills in addressing global challenges directly.

Christine Lugrine and Lara Dieudonné appeared on Today Radio's Sam Steen Show to talk about the initiative, which aims to encourage young women and girls to become leaders and advocates for change.

Feeling curious? Ready to jump into the diplomat game? Check out all the details on who can join and how to throw your hat in the ring at Diplomat for a Day Competition.