You Musk not make Elon angry...

Marc Radinovic, a young programmer and tech enthusiast from Luxembourg, shared a video on Reddit of his self-built flamethrower security system, built into the face of tech magnate Elon Musk.

In the video, he explains the nuts and bolts of his AI face detection security system, programmed to blast fire at any other person other than Marc himself. Why have security cameras if you can have this?

Of course this is all just for Marc's own entertainment...(we hope).

The whole system was programmed and constructed by Marc himself, and is a little too complex for this editor to explain. But what's pretty cool is that once the system recognises a face that is not Marc's, Elon's mouth opens mechanically before the fire-spitting Twitter boss wreaks havoc on the presumed intruder.

What if it's friendly fire? Well, too late. Your face is gone. Should this roll out on the market anytime soon, we'll make sure to let you know...

Watch the video below: