Join RTL Today for the TEDx Luxembourg education event, featuring Minister of Education Claude Meisch and a host of other speakers in the education sector as they exchange ideas in this semi-virtual chat.

TEDxEducation events give students, parents, teachers and participants in educational communities an opportunity to spark discussion on the future of education, and share those ideas with the global community.

This hybrid event will combine speakers both in person and virtually, with a livestream right here on RTL Today. From the Minister of Education, to entrepreneurs, teachers, and a 13-year-old student, you'll have the opportunity to hear from members of all sides of the education community.

Join us at 5pm on Wednesday 12 May for what promises to be a fascinating event full of educational insights.

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Introducing the speakers


  1. Minister Claude Meisch
Claude Meisch graduated from the University of Trier, with a degree in mathematics and economics in 1998. During his job at Banque de Luxembourg he became Mayor of Differdange in 2002. He was subsequently appointed as Minister of Education in 2013, a position he currently holds.

  1. Tania Brugnoni
Director, 1535° Creative Hub Differdange in Luxembourg. She holds a diploma in Arts Conservation and Art Market. Since 2013, she developed the first public hub for cultural and creative entrepreneurship with nowadays more than 70 economic actors. She is a well-known advisor for small and medium entreprises from the cultural and creative economy and serves as a member of the various boards in the public sector.

  1. Léa Sitbon
Following classical studies and a corporate life in Paris, San Francisco and London, Léa started an entrepreneurial journey as a Jewelry Designer 20 years ago. She was initially inspired by the beautiful sea pearls she saw during a trip to Tahiti. In Luxembourg, she opened her own atelier LEA, that offers custom jewelry design, repair, transformation and creation.

  1. Jeff Elcheroth
“All the world’s a stage...” (W. Shakespeare). Especially the educational one! Music and languages have captured my heart since I was a child. Which better opportunity to live this passion than through teaching and (re)living the endless school-story every day?

  1. Liz Kremer-Rauchs 
After a career as a translator, interpretor and French teacher, Liz joined the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, where she was part of the education policy coordination team and headed SCRIPT’s (Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques) innovation unit. In 2018, she co- founded the educational foundation UP_FOUNDATION, which she manages to this day

  1. Jos Bertemes
Mathematics teacher, headmaster in school for young adults, innovator in education, fighting against social inequity, 3 cushion-billiard, sourdough bread baking, 3D-printing, blessed husband and proud father

  1. Giacomo Gambino
Giacomo is a 13-year-old student attending the European School in Luxembourg. He is a typical "global citizen" having been born in Italy, grown up in Washington DC, and currently back in Europe where he enjoys hanging out with his friends, reading tons of fantasy books, and playing video games.

  1. Emma Lasar
Hi! I am Emma Lasar. I am a 16-year-old student from Luxembourg. My dream is to become a scientific journalist, in order to make information easier to access and understand.  I am passionate about international scouting and theatre. I am not shy to start discussions about seemingly challenging topics.Once I set my mind on something, nothing will stop me!

  1. Emma Schütz
I’m a 17-year-old student from Luxembourg, doing various sports and playing the piano in my free time. But my heart beats for another passion: magic! I’m constantly improving my skills and inventing new tricks and illusions in order to become a professional magician one day.