If this is standard of Actual Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence, then we are doomed.

A video of a rampaging humanoid military robot went viral this weekend notching up nearly 4 million views for its makers, Corridor..

The piece shows said robot turning on its abusive human overlords and for some this has signalled the singularity.

The video, called “New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Bosstown Dynamics)” is an entertainingly humorous sketch where robots run on treadmills, do gymnastics, etc.

The internet obviously shared the hell out of it and, as is the way, some folks struggled to grasp what is real and what is CGI.

Joe Rogan the well-known American stand-up comedian for example, tweeted this:

Deepfakes are nothing new, true, but surely we can sort what is real from that which is not.

Bosstown Dynamics already caused a stir with a less violent but still ultra-convincing clip in June this year:

Across the globe, nations are scrambling to be the first to have the most cutting-edge autonomous tech ready for military operations, from AI-powered tanks and ships to armed autonomous drones and animal-inspired “biobots”, so perhaps the fear is grounded in some sense of reality after all.