"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day" (Vincent Van Gogh). Well, the night sky will definitely become busier if StartRocket's plans take off.

The goal of StartRocket, a Russian startup, is to display enormous billboard-style advertisements in the night sky using arrays of cubesats. A video recently uploaded on Vimeo by the company, showcases commercial logos shining like sparkling stars in the night sky.

Project leader Vlad Sitnikov, told "Futurism" that commodification of the night sky is the next logical step in advertising: “We are ruled by brands and events”.

On their website, StartRocket announce the creation of a new media - the orbital display —with potential audience coverage of 7 billion people on the planet. Their cubesats will orbit at an altitude of 400-500 km, delivering 3-4 messages or images a day.

Will the public appreciate StartRocket's attempt to push the next frontier of advertising by hijacking the planet's sky? The first comments published on their recent video tell otherwise: "Exactly what we needed, more shit and junk in the sky"; "NOOOOOO!!!!! No more advertising!!!! Jesus Christ!!! I am so sick and tired of the ones on earth, now i will have it in the sky as well???"....

Alexey Skorupsky, another member of the StartRocket team, pushed back at those criticisms. While agreeing that haters (of advertisement and entertainment in general) are going to hate it, he argued that commercialization of space is inevitable. And if scientists who already complain about visual pollution feel annoyed, they "can use this time for peeing or having a coffee", Skorupsky told Futurism.

You be the judge!