ICT Spring has attracted professionals from all over the world to Luxembourg for a two-day event.

The digital area is clearly the new growth sector in Luxembourg. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) gives new perspectives, especially to the well-established financial sector in Luxembourg.

Today the 7th ICT Spring event has attracted numerous professionals to the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) in Kirchberg. ICT Spring brings together experts in IT, finance, banking, web and marketing, as well as investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Following Luxembourg's unique business environment, the conference’s main topics are narrowed down to FinTech, Digital and Space, aligning with Luxembourg’s key interests in this sector.

VIDEO: ICT Luxembourg

Among the speakers at ICT Spring are Luxembourg's prime minister, Luxembourg ministers, representatives of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), ESA (European Space Agency), the European Commission and of many established companies, banks and start-ups. There is room for innovation and for meeting potential investors during the “Pitch your start-up” section, where 16 selected young companies will enter the competition to present their business idea.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence are on the rise and are attracting other companies to Luxembourg. Why Luxembourg? One possible reason is its ability to identify trends and to adjust the frameworks and regulations more quickly than other countries. As it is, asteroid mining is an idea of the distant future in most countries, but “SpaceResources” is already a project on the agenda of the Grand Duchy's government, aiming to become the European hub for space resources.