Equipping police cars and police officers with cameras: this issue often comes up in Luxembourg.

Responding to an MP's question in parliament, the Minister of Internal Security, Etienne Schneider, confirmed that there will be no dashcams in the cars of the Luxembourg police in the foreseeable future.

The legal framework in Luxembourg has not yet been able to define a way that would allow the use of the technology: "The detection of offenses via dashcams currently raises various legal problems for which Luxembourg has yet to find solutions" Schneider said on Tuesday.

The presence of cameras embedded in police cars is a prospect which reassures some, but frightens others.

Indeed, in the United States, many cases of police brutality/violence have been identified thanks to the presence of such cameras.

Further to this, using the video video recorded in road accidents and indeed violent roadside incidents has aided police in other countries in closing complex cases.

In the recent, and well documented crash involving two police vehicles, perhaps dashcam footage would help inquiries.

Much like the oft-touted and much feared CCTV coverage extension, it seems that public rights to privacy remain a clear marker for whether such tech is adopted in the future.