Amazon is said to be about to launch its new “Shipping with Amazon” service.

The internet giant is expected to start its own delivery service, as reported on Friday by the the Wall Street Journal, thus becoming a competitor to the four major delivery services worldwide: Fedex, UPS, DHL and Chronopost.

The "Shipping With Amazon" (SWA) service will only be available in Los Angeles at first. However, plans to expand the service to other locations in the following months are already in the making.

According to Wall Street Journal, “SWA” has already been tested in London. A sign that the giant might already be preparing a major European offensive.

Amazon is said to have been working secretly  acquiring possession of warehouses, trucks and even planes that will be used for Amazon Prime users and fast deliveries

Amazon delivery service will be initially offered to merchants selling their articles and products through its website. It will then be expanded to service clients beyond the customers' base of the group.

To start off with a competitive edge on the market, Amazon is said to be going for a commercially aggressive strategy by launching its services at a much lower price than its competitors.

Although the online business giant has partnership agreements with Fedex and UPS, it is not shy of about seizing a large chunk of their market share.
RTL with AFP