Well, that’s it folks ... the final whistle has blown on World Cup 2018, with France beating Croatia 4-2 to hold the World Cup for the second time. France last won on home soil in 1998 and Deschamps is just the third man in history to win as both a coach and player.

For this important match, we joined a huge crowd at the Glacis to watch all the action on a much-appreciated giant screen—watch out for some familiar faces in the crowd!

Croatia fought valiantly with good possession and good chances throughout, leading to comments that they were unlucky in this game, but it is hard to deny that this balanced French side had quality in all areas—defence, midfield and attack.

63 matches were played leading up to the final—and what an extraordinary tournament it’s been, filled with firsts, surprises and penalty kicks.

World Cup 2018, we will miss you!

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