Thrilled with the growing community and general raison d'être for RTL Today, we are launching a new podcast, and we'd love you to be part of the conversation.

In Conversation with Lisa Burkewill bring you in-depth interviews and debate with people who live and work here in Luxembourg, beyond the borders, or are merely passing through.

Many of the RTL Today editors are avid podcast listeners. We feel that the spoken word can be a positive adjunct to the RTL Today site; a different medium of information and discussion.

In this time of increased teleworking and, for some, loneliness at being separated from the family of a working environment, podcasts can be very reassuring with the comfort of the human voice.

It's with great pride in how RTL Today has developed our digital presence that we launch this podcast. 
So be part of the conversation and download In Conversation with Lisa Burkeon iTunes, Spotify or XML.

If you have any ideas for points of conversation you can always get in touch with Lisa at