Our latest RTL Reports interviews Dirk Daenen, the curator of TEDxLuxembourgCity. Coming from a background of education and academia, Daenen believes that TED is one of the best educational platforms around.

TedX will take place on 15 June at Luxembourg’s Philharmonie – with RTL Today as their media partners. Lisa Burke met up with curator Dirk Daenen, who explains what Ted and TedX events are, and why he decided to get involved.

Daenen explains that, as an educator, he feels TedX is one of the best educational platforms out there. This is the second TedX event in Luxembourg City, the first one being held last year at Neumunster Abbey. While he wasn’t initially confident that he would be able to fill their 300 or so seats, they sold out almost immediately and moved not only bigger, but biggest, as Daenen puts it, and moved the event to Philharmonie.

One thing that makes TedX interesting, says Daenen, is that the speakers only have about 15, maybe 18 minutes to present their idea – easier said than done, not least when you’re the sort of passionate speaker often seen at Ted and TedX events, positively bursting with ideas and passion for their subject areas.

As the event's exclusive media partners, we recently had the pleasure of announcing the full list of speakers for this year's event.