In our second part of our interview we encouraged our readers to get in on the action with this rare chance quiz Princess Tessy with their questions.

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Questions from our Community:


What were your expectations of royal life when you entered the grand-ducal family?

(2) @RB_royalbridges on Twitter:

How do you manage to look so fresh, when you are constantly travelling?

(3) Elfi Dontis (Facebook… etc)

- What do you think is missing from the Luxembourg educational system to make it more relevant to today’s challenges and equip children with the right “tools” for the future ?

- Have you ever considered going into politics? 

- What was the happiest moment in your life so far ?

(4) Farah Nanji  _dj_ninja (instagram) or 007_ninja_013 (instagram) She’s also on LinkedIn

- What’s your spirit animal?