Today we introduce Luxembourgish jazz singer, Claire Parsons, whose interest in music came at a young age and has brought her deeper into the music world..

..with her work as a jazz/pop teacher at the music school in Differdange, as a player and composer of many bands, and also as a student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the supervision of Belgian jazz signer, David Linx.
Nominated in 2018 at the Luxembourg Music Awards, she won the prize in the category “Best Upcoming Musician,” and in 2019 won the “First Prize Albert Michiels’” at the B-Jazz International Contest with the project Aishinka.

After releasing her first EP «OnOff» with the Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo in 2019, she will be releasing her first album with her Quintet this year in 2020.


Claire's new album is due next week and we will have a short interview on the way too.

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