First episode of the BRAND NEW SEASON. This piece was only broadcast on RTL on Sunday 16 September. Directed by: Jacques Molitor

When Oana finishes her working day in a Kirchberg financial firm, another world awaits her. Her everyday routine makes way for being on stage. Along with several other expats, she has founded a stand-up comedy troupe which regularly appears in city bars. They provoke laughs about anything: men or romantic relationships in general, or life as an expat in Luxembourg. Laughter which leads to some reflection and which holds up a satirical mirror to our society. For the young Romanian, these performances are also way of building up her sense of self, and to forge a new identity in her adoptive country.

Born in 1980, Jacques Molitor graduated with a diploma from Belgium's Institut des Arts de Diffusion (broadcasting arts institute) in 2005. He short film En compagnie de la poussière (in the company of dust) was selected for the competition for the prestigious Locarno festival in 2008. Ever since, Molitor has produced a second short film (Bonobo), a documentary for the cinema (Sweetheart Come) as well a full-length feature film Mommejong—all films dealing with destructive interpersonal relationships. Working with Govinda Van Maele, he has also programmed trash films at Luxembourg City's Cinémathèque municipale, under the name "Cinélunatique". "Story of O" is his fourth production for routwäissgro, Foreign Bodies, The Seed of LIfe and My Country.

Producer contact: / +352 661 963 775