Directed by: Serge Wolfsperger

Bit by bit, the building works are progressing on the huge Royal-Hamilius site. Achille Villa, works foreman, keeps the situation under control. Right next-door, on the Boulevard Royal, there’s a strange building that was saved from demolition. Arnaldo Ferragni lives there, ever since its construction in the 60s. He’s concerned about the integration of the building into the new Centre Royal-Hamilius. He feels attached to his apartment and is worried that his memories might disappear. By meeting Achille Villa, he is initiated into the world of construction. Archille’s father was a works foreman before him, and he would like his son, who’s a machinist, to follow in their footsteps. An unlikely encounter between the former EU official Arnaldo Ferragni, a living memory of the old quarter, and the Villa family, builders over generations. An encounter between tradition and modernity, between past and future.

About Serge Wolfsperger


Serge Wolfsperger (Wolf) has been a film and theatre actor in France, Germany and Luxembourg since 1986. He’s acted in films by Andy Bausch (Troublemaker, Awop bopaloobob...), Pol Cruchten (Black Dju, Les brigands...), Eric Rohmer, Raul Ruiz, Egon Günther (i.a.). Since he completed a master’s in cinema at the Sorbonne in Paris, he’s dedicated himself to writing and directing. He’s directed documentary and feature films in France, among which Tant que tombera la neige (Prix Beaumarchais for screenplay), and in Luxembourg Le miroir des apparences (supported by the Film Fund).