Directed by: Sandy Lorente

Orquidea came to Luxembourg in 1971. In Portugal, she was a grocer, a seamstress and a model for a fashion house workshop. In Luxembourg, she worked as a cleaning lady and a cook and had to provide for her family. Because of bad health, she can no longer live on her own in her apartment and has to accept moving into a retirement home. The fears, regrets and memories that accompany her in this last stage of her life don’t make it easy getting used to her new surroundings.

About Sandy Lorente


Sandy Lorente studied communication and worked as a journalist for RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg. In 2005, she directed the film “IvoEva” and, in 2008, she created and produced the video dance project “LumaTik”. She has also made video clips, advertisements and experimental videos.