Directed by: Eric Lamhène

Helder Ferreira, stage name « Maka », started rapping in Luxembourgish at the age of 12. Rap is more than just music to him. It allows him to express the hard times he’s been through. Experiences he might not be able to communicate in any other way. Rap music saved his life on several occasions. « Maka » follows Helder in his daily life, and sheds a light on the local hip hop scene. It reveals the fate of an outsider and a rebel, who pursues on his way, come what may.

About Eric Lamhène


Eric Lamhène (born in 1983) graduated from the London Film School in 2010. Since then, he has directed four short films in Luxembourgish: Lauschter (2010), Flou (2012), GëffEens (2013) and Serena (2014). Eric worked as a screenwriter on Comeback, the RTL sitcom, four episodes of which he also directed. He also co-wrote the feature film Mammejong with its director, Jacques Molitor. For the series routwäissgro he directed the episodes “In another land”, “A strong team”, and “The president”.