Directed by: Rui Eduardo Abreu

In Michel’s family, everything revolves around hunting. You hunt for pleasure, to get together, and because it’s a tradition. Family memories and relations are woven into this activity. But Michel is getting old and the hunters’ universe is at odds with modern society. Which of his two sons will continue the tradition? Caught between girlfriends, who challenge the norms of masculinity, and the competition of other fields of interest, the family’s heritage seems at risk.

About Rui Eduardo Abreu


After studying visual anthropology in Paris, Rui Eduardo Abreu completed a Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking at the Lussas documentary school. He worked in Paris for several years, creating videos for theatre companies and teaching visual image courses. Together with Thierry Besseling and Loïc Tanson, he directed the feature-length documentary Eldorado, which tells the story of four Lusophone immigrants whose hopes and disillusions collide over a period of three years.