Directed by: Jacques Molitor

Georges is a single dad of three children: Cassandra, a young and emotionally mature woman, her little brother, the flamboyant Wesley, and the eldest, Ornello, a budding musician and skateboarder. Whereas three years ago, Georges weighed more than 120 kilos, a gastric bypass has turned him into a new man.

Recently, Georges came up with his “School of Life”, where he offers classes that are designed to give people the impulse to refocus on their surroundings and on themselves. But in his own private life, he is out of his depth: if Ornello doesn’t soon find an internship, he won’t be able to complete his school year. This turns every discussion between father and son into a head-to-head. Will Georges be able to reconcile his own insecurities and his professional ambitions?

About Jacques Molitor


Born in 1980, Jacques Molitor graduated from the ‘Institut des Arts de Diffusion’ (Belgium) in 2005. His short film En compagnie de la poussière was selected for the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in 2008. Since then, Jacques has directed a second short film (Bonobo), a documentary for the cinema (Sweetheart Come) as well as the feature film Mammejong – all of which are about destructive relationships. Jacques has also worked independently for RTL (Zinemag) and he has directed a series of video clips and dance videos. Together with Govinda Van Maele and under the name of ‘Cinélunatique’, he has also organised a number of grindhouse and trash films at the Luxembourg Cinémathèque.