Luxembourg life in all its various facets. Directed by: Eric Lamhène

This summer RTL Today is presenting a new 24-part documentary series taking an offbeat look at Luxembourg life. While they are subtitled in English, there is no voice-over, with people speaking their various languages. The series was first broadcast on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg in 2015.

Each episode is the work of a different director from the K-13 collective. He or she follows a person within their community, permitting the spectator, through that person's daily life, dreams and personal conflicts, to immerse themselves in a new reality. Containing no commentary or judgements, the series is inspired by documentary observation films, giving each producer the chance to offer his own view on a given situation.

routwäissgro: Episode 13 - In a different country

Directed by: Eric Lamhène

Suhail is Syrian and he and his family have been living in Luxembourg for one year now. His kids go to school, and so do he and his wife. They are trying to adapt to their new lives, but it’s not easy. Not only do they speak a completely different language, but they also have a different culture, a different religion, different habits.

In a different Country accompanies Suhail and his family through their lives in Luxembourg – lives that lie between the hope of a better future and a past marked by traumas which they have left behind now, but which their relatives and fellow countrymen are still enduring.

About Eric Lamhène


Eric Lamhène (born in 1983) graduated from the London Film School in 2010. Since then, he has directed four short films in Luxembourgish: Lauschter (2010), Flou (2012), GëffEens (2013) and Serena (2014).

Eric worked as a screenwriter on Comeback, the RTL sitcom, four episodes of which he also directed. He also co-wrote the feature film Mammejong with its director, Jacques Molitor.

The series routwäissgro is his first foray into documentary filmmaking.