Luxembourg life in all its various facets

This summer RTL Today is presenting a new 24-part documentary series taking an offbeat look at Luxembourg life. While they are subtitled in English, there is no voice-over, with people speaking their various languages. The series was first broadcast on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg in 2015.

Each episode is the work of a different director from the K-13 collective. He or she follows a person within their community, permitting the spectator, through that person's daily life, dreams and personal conflicts, to immerse themselves in a new reality. Containing no commentary or judgements, the series is inspired by documentary observation films, giving each producer the chance to offer his own view on a given situation.

Between a drug addict's woes and the adventures of a Luxembourg family on holiday, the episodes can take on a more serious or light tone. All concern a single person's destiny, but are at the same time incorporated into a larger socio-cultural community, which is finally that of Luxembourg. The complementary nature of the various episodes give the viewer a highly-nuanced view of our country and its inhabitants.


routwäissgro: episode 6 - "Chantal"

Directed by: Kim Schneider

Chantal is a real mother hen: she takes charge and worries about everything; she arranges and organises. At the same time, Chantal is forced to mother at a distance: her children don’t stay with her during the week because they live in a home in Belgium. Despite these tough circumstances, Chantal and her family show a great sense of humour and take things how they are.

About Kim Schneider ...


After completing a language degree in Cologne, Kim Schneider made her way into Luxembourgish cinema in 2011. She co-developed and wrote five episodes of the series Comeback, which was financed by the ‘Fonds National de Soutien à la Production Audiovisuelle’ and by RTL. Since then, she has been working on various film sets in different departments. She has also written a short film. Kim is proud to present Chantal, her first documentary as a director.