Luxembourg life in all its various facets

This summer RTL Today is presenting a new 24-part documentary series taking an offbeat look at Luxembourg life. While they are subtitled in English, there is no voice-over, with people speaking their various languages. The series was first broadcast on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg in 2015.

Each episode is the work of a different director from the K-13 collective. He or she follows a person within their community, permitting the spectator, through that person's daily life, dreams and personal conflicts, to immerse themselves in a new reality. Containing no commentary or judgements, the series is inspired by documentary observation films, giving each producer the chance to offer his own view on a given situation.

Between a drug addict's woes and the adventures of a Luxembourg family on holiday, the episodes can take on a more serious or light tone. All concern a single person's destiny, but are at the same time incorporated into a larger socio-cultural community, which is finally that of Luxembourg. The complementary nature of the various episodes give the viewer a highly-nuanced view of our country and its inhabitants.


routwäissgro: episode 5 - "And What Do We Do Now?"

Directed by: Max Jacoby

For more than 25 years, Pio has been working as a cop at the train station in Luxembourg. He is confronted with crime, drugs and prostitution every day. And not just that, he meets plenty of strange people in the district. We accompany Pio through this little-known neighbourhood of the city.

About Max Jacoby ...


In 2001, Max Jacoby graduates from the London Film School. His film Butterflies wins best European short film at the Film Festival in Venice in 2005. 2009 sees the theatrical release of his feature film Dust. In 2015, he shoots Hinne Geet Et Gutt, his first Luxembourg language film.