'Breaking Barriers' was the theme. Listen to behind-the-scenes interviews with Lisa.

Sagacious and sated. That's how we felt after an afternoon of TEDx talks at the Philharmonie last Saturday.

Emile Studham spoke about getting the best out of your team, to "Catch the Good" in order to build trusting relationships. Effectively we need to balance six positives to one negative comment for this trust bank.

Özgü Gümüstekin, at just 23 years old, explained how we can biologically increase our luck by noticing opportunities, using our intuition, leveraging epigenetics and building resilience.

Martina Menichetti, who actually works at the Philharmonie, demonstrated how a song can be layered, like a cake, with her band Authentica. They played folk, salsa and ended with their latest release, 'Call of the Night'.

Koen Maris explained, with amazing humour, the risks we face with increasing cyber security issues. We will get hacked at some point in our lives so "DO NOT open emails from people you don't know!"

Marisha Naz showed us a devastatingly steep drop we need to attain in order to have some hope of abiding by climate change needs to keep the rising temperature down. It seems impossible. But then, she told us that it's the top 100 companies who can truly make a difference here. So, when we are asked within our organisations or at interview what we might like to ask them, she suggests "What are your emission goals?"

Did you know that breakdancing is now an Olympic Sport? Diogo and the K+A Collective demonstrated their passion for dance as a career choice.

Matthieu Bracchetti, an expert in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality told us about his fears as we move towards a world where our 'reality' will become more fused, more mixed in the coming years.

Jonathan Prince told us about his career sidestep from aerospace in Toulouse to digital finance directly after 9/11.  What's the future of money? It seems likely to be cashless.

And the final talk of the day was Léa Linster, who's clear passion for food has always lived inside her.  Fourth generation of a restaurant family, brought up in Frissange, she learned early on how to deal with clients and run a business. Léa even managed to feed us all (over 300) with her delicious madeleines!

Dirk Daenen, the organiser, had the final word on why he believes public speaking is such an important skill to nurture in our education system.

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TEDx Luxembourg City

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