Reverend David Usher shares his wisdom on how to become more spiritual, and Carlotta Minderhout tells us about the opening of Uniqlo in Luxembourg.

Reverend David Usher has had an unusual path in life, which makes him all the more interesting. Born in Adelaide, Australia, he grew up as a Unitarian.

Dropping out of his first stint at university to study architecture, he spent four years in the outback as a 'jackaroo', working on remote sheep and cattle stations. This was followed by 18 months travelling solo through New Zealand, the Pacific islands, Mexico, USA, Canada and the UK. And through these years the calling to become a minister kept returning. Perhaps having moved from trying architecture of buildings he became an architect of lives, gently scaffolding those who came into his circle of wisdom.

By some fortuitous swerve of life, he ended up studying Philosophy & Theology at the University of Oxford, and then became a Doctor of Ministry from Andover Newton Theological Seminary, Boston, USA.

Through his years of thought and lived experience he has written two books:

12 Steps to Spiritual Health

Life Spirit

Reverend Usher served as a minister in England and New Hampshire. He is now 'retired' living in California but actively involved in many organisations such as SURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice.

UNIQLO in Luxembourg

There's been much excitement in Luxembourg this past week for those who like fashion.

UNIQLO opened in Luxembourg, and its opening was marked with a fun party with Luxembourg influencers, including our own Emma. UNIQLO worked with local artists to create unique products for the Luxembourg market, such as Lynn Cosyn.

Carlotta Minderhout, Head of Brand for UNIQLO Benelux came to the studio to tell us more about the concepts that Uniqlo abide by. They have a LifeWear Philosophy, and have built a RE.UNIQLO studio where people can bring their older clothes from the store to get repaired or revamped into something more modern.

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