A busy show this week with six guests covering LUNEX University, LMDDC's creative educational work and Hanna from SciLux.

LUNEX University 

Prof Marcus Müller and Valeria Maglia are two members of staff who bring unique experiences to their teaching at LUNEX, a university for sport, health and management.

Marcus spent 20 years in the corporate world before moving into academia. His experience in business has shaped his research into leadership, and how one needs to blend our 'private' life with 'work' life. Marcus believes in the ABC for employees: Autonomy, Belonging and Competency. With these three targets met, one can develop a work-force with resilient well-being. Naturally, there is a clear link between feeling good and productivity.

Valeria (Vivi) Maglia is the Placement Coordinator and Clinical educator at Lunex University. Her background includes 14 years as a physiotherapist manager on Humanitarian Missions in war-torn and developing countries.

Vivi speaks of the experiences gained during this humanitarian work and the difficulties of working on intense medical needs whilst living in confinement with other expats you don't know so well; all living and working in close proximity with no freedom of movement.

The stress of the working conditions, compounded by weather and cultural shock, make for an almost unimaginable working environment, one that few of us gain access to as students.

For this reason Valeria is working to give her students the opportunity to work in countries such as Somalia, Afghanistan and Rwanda, so that they can learn skills a teacher can never create for them in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Media and Digital Design Centre

Thibaud Latour, CEO of LMDDC, alongside his colleagues Györgyi (Gira) Szakmar (Multimedia Design Manager) and Michalis Spyropoulos (Project and Partnership Manager) talk about the Luxembourg Media and Digital Design Centre.

The team have ample skills to create effective B2B relationships where companies need help to create educational tools digitally. The way in which we learn and continue to learn in life is changing faster than our textbooks can keep pace with. And so LMDDC is there to help companies realise these projects.


Hanna Siemaszko, SciLux Podcast Host and Science Communicator has a deep fascination with science and wants to share that via her podcast and other forms of interaction with the public.

On Museum Night, 14 October, Hanna will be talking to visitors about the Moon at the Museum of Natural History at 6pm and 10pm.

SciLux Podcast starts season 4 on 17th October with a special episode about mentorship in academia.

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