In her show this week, Lisa talks about the latest trends for buyers and renters. Mortgage expert Quentin Gigovic tells us how to have hope for mortgage applications and durations.

Housing prices in Luxembourg have dipped for the first time since 2008. This is, of course, in relation to the increase in mortgage rates. For many, it still doesn't feel like a good time to buy as the mortgage rate increase offsets the drop in prices. Plus, if people have savings tied up in funds or shares, on the whole they have also lost value. However, historically, mortgage rates around 4-5% are still good value.

In this week's interview with Dr. Julien Licheron, researcher at LISER, Soufiane Saadi, CEO of atHomeGroup and senior mortgage broker Quentin Gigovic, they talk trends and how it can be a positive for some, especially buyers.

AtHomeGroup have seen 1.2 million visitors to their site in one month. The appetite for housing has not decreased. And now, rather than having to make up your mind on the spot, people have time to visit properties and negotiate.

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Housing Market now
The very latest trends for buyers and renters from plus a mortgage expert and LISER researcher.

If you want to return to my previous interview on the backstory to why we are where we are, watch here (from 17 mins onwards).

The Housing Market
A reflection of the week's news with Sasha, followed by a discussion on the housing market with Soufiane Saadi, Antoine Paccoud and Julien Licheron.

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