'Vous avez comme un accent' is a podcast dedicated to languages and multilingualism in Luxembourg. In this episode, host Térence Jarosz welcomed Jin Young Choi, director of King Sejong Institute, the Korean language school in Luxembourg.

Originally from South Korea, Jin has been living in Luxembourg for about 15 years and has been leading La Maison de la Culture Coréenne au Luxembourg and the King Sejong Institute since 2021. They offer a range of Korean courses mainly for beginners.

By teaching her native tongue, Jin explains the appetite to learn Korean nowadays mainly stems from Korean culture becoming more and more of a trend in Europe.

In recent years, the international success of K-pop bands (Black Pink, BTS, etc), cinema and dramas (Parasite, Squid game, etc) have put South Korea's culture and language on the map.

As an Asian language, Korean is very different than Chinese and Japanese.  As an active researcher on multilingualism, Jin Young Choi is a project manager at Luxembourg multi-LEARN Institute, a non profit organization with activities on integration, language learning and multilingualism.

In this context, Jin shares her views on the trilingual situation in Luxembourg and the use of English in the country.

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