This week we work on well-being with my guests: holistic therapist, globally trained, Ayano Everling; Hypnotist Alain Wolff and The Happy Guts Company founder Jennifer Olding

Yet again, it's been a week of tumult in British politics. This and more is discussed with Sasha Kehoe as we reflect on the week's news, from the serious to the farcical.

Mind Body Soul: Ayano Everling

Ayano Everling is a holistic therapist and founder of BodyMindSoul. She was born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish father and Japanese mother.

Ayano worked as a teacher for 12 years before becoming increasingly disenchanted with the monotony of how we live in this 'mechanical' world. This impetus spurred her into a two year sabbatical, travelling around the world with an open mind, gaining so much to develop as a holistic therapist on the way: massage, reiki, yoga, meditation and so much more, all unplanned.

Ayano met the Dalai Lama when in Tibet, and took his course for two weeks which cost just €15. In Borneo she worked with orangutans. Hawaii gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in the ways of Lomi Lomi. And so the travel continued: Panama, Mexico and the list continues before she returned to Luxembourg during Covid. And now, she has opened her own practice in Senningerburg.

Ayano deeply cares about living a life guided by synchronicity. We also talk about the importance of nature and music.

"I really believe in being in the moment, that life is a journey to be present in each moment, unfolding and making sense slowly, if you don't resist the teachings"

The Happy Guts Company: Jennifer Olding 

Alongside being a fellow Weimaraner mum, Jennifer Olding founded The Happy Guts Company after starting out by making fermented food for her own family, when she couldn't find the food she wanted in shops here.

The Happy Guts' Company, founded in 2018, specialises in organic probiotic beverages and condiments produced in Luxembourg.  Their mission to:

"Give Everyone Everywhere A Happier Gut." 

Jennifer is British Chinese with a background in finance and banking. She describes herself as “an aficionado of all things fermented, or just good food and wine in general, and spend a lot of time cooking and eating with my family and friends.”

In this conversation we talk about the link between gut health and the brain, mental health, exercise, diversity in food, probiotics and prebiotics.

Alain Wolff

Alain Wolff started life as a horseshoe maker. The physical exertion resulted in several slipped discs. This plus different factors in his life led to a burnout in 2007.

In order to figure out why, he trained in NLP, Systemic Coaching, Wing Wave, Equine Assisted Coaching and Sophrology. In 2013 he met Martin Straus, the founder of the InTellAct Institute and inventor of the Life Puzzle Pro, who became a mentor until his death in 2019.

He started working as a hypnosis instructor in 2015.

In 2021 he founded his own school, the Hypnosis Institute, training doctors, medical staff and also private people and will soon expand his field to schools and other public institutions.

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