Danica Remy, co-founder of Asteroid Day and Dr. Claudine Als on the Rose history of Luxembourg, plus resilience of a population.

Asteroid Day

Danica Remy, one of the four co-founders of Asteroid Day, talks about what's coming up for Asteroid Week. And of course there are so many more global, self-organised events.

These 'dust bunnies loosely held together by gravity' are utterly fascinating, and so is the work being done to get to them to investigate more. 
And naturally, there is the risk of an asteroid hitting Earth, so their detection is rather vital!

Asteroid Day Live!

Luxembourg - Land of Roses

Dr. Claudine Als is a doctor of nuclear medicine, sits on a French think-tank, and is President of the Patrimonies Roses pour le Luxembourg ASBL


In our conversation, Claudine talks about the rich and economically important role exporting the wonderful roses of Luxembourg held before the Great Wars.

Their organisation produced a wonderful book with highly qualified writer and photographer, Heidi Howcroft & Marianne Majerus, Luxembourg - Land of Roses.

Dr. Als is also a member of a French think-tank, and from this work recently wrote a book on resilience: Résilience, potion magique.

The Golden History of Roses in Luxembourg

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