With another packed show, my all female guests tackle tough topics with practical, actionable steps.

My guests this week are Kristina Mikulova, Christiane Bourg, Emma Farrell and Deirdre Ryan.

Kristina Mikulova, originally from Slovakia, has a deep passion for giving back to the world. A highly accomplished woman with a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from Oxford University, she has travelled the world on assignment with Slovakia’s government and international organizations, including the World Bank. Kristina now resides in Luxembourg and is a Senior Expert at the European Investment Bank. 
In this conversation she talks about her time volunteering with the incoming refugees at the Slovak/ Ukrainian border, why it means so much to her to give back, and how she helps to mentor those volunteers around her with her own expertise in crisis management.

Christiane Bourg set up Protransplant after her father was given the gift of increased life due to a liver transplant, after being suddenly diagnosed with liver cancer with a mere 8 weeks to live. We talk in depth about the importance of organ donation, how rare the chance to become an organ donor statistically would be, how to talk to family and friends about your choice if that ever came to pass, and how Luxembourg sits on the organ donor list compared to other countries within Eurotransplant, of which we are a member.

And finally, Emma Farrell and Deirdre Ryan tell us about the 5km walk 'Darkness into Light' happening on Saturday 7 May in Luxembourg City. This walk, which started in Ireland, is now a global walk to shine a light on mental illness and suicide. If you don't want to walk, or can't join the walk, there is always an opportunity to donate to the cause of destigmatising the conversation around suicide.

Slovakia/Ukraine, Organ Donation, Darkness into Light

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