Sonification is a burgeoning field of science and music. This project kicks off next weekend in Rockhal, part of Esch 2022 Capital of Culture. Plus, Daniel Sahr talks about his time in Dubai building the Luxembourg Pavilion for World Expo 2020.

The Sound of Data - Sonification 

The Sound of Data, or sonification, can be thought of as the visualisation of data for the ears. It's a combination of science and music plus the use of big data.

Patrizia Luchetta and Paul Bradshaw talk to us about the multi-faceted launch event on Sunday 1 May at Rockhal, Belval from 1400 to 1930. We'll meet a cyborg, a colour-blind man who uses a sonification implant to 'see' colours, for example.

Other guests include Valery Vermeulen, Nuria Bonet, Alexandra Supper,Cristian Vogel and Cedric Fischer.  There are many partners in this project including FNR, LIST, the University of Luxembourg, Rockhal and more besides.

There'll be plenty on offer for children to explore and deeper discussions too. For scientists and musicians interested in taking part in the project's artist residency the information about how to apply is already online.

This project will continue until 3 December 2022.


World Expo Dubai 2020 

Daniel Sahr, Director of the Luxembourg Pavilion for the World Expo 2020 in Dubai is just closing down this project before rapidly starting on the next for Osaka World Expo.

Here, we reflect on the five year journey from standing in the sand to a set of global pavilions visited by thousands. The World Expo was one of the first big events to open post / during covid for people to start travelling and exploring again.

The Luxembourg Pavilion itself saw almost 700,000 visitors - more than the population of the country!. We hear stories of a child thanking Luxembourg for helping to build his country, the UAE with steel from Belval to build the Burj Khalifa.

And so it goes on. The memories of the student chefs getting the chance to cook and learn from the best in Dubai at the Pavilion.

Daniel, aside from the personal celebration of getting married and about to have his first child, is already thinking and planning for Osaka 2025. For anyone interested in the tenders for applications, keep your eyes peeled for more information on the website to come!

The Sound of Data and Luxembourg Pavilion at Dubai 2020 World Expo