How can we develop a sustainability mindset intrinsically, without the need for nudges?

"What type of children do we leave to this world’ says Raymond Schadeck, one of my two guests on this long and winding conversation on sustainability.

Joining him is Professor Marcus Müller from Sacred Heart University Luxembourg. (SHULU)

"You cannot prescribe innovation" says Marcus, and goes on to talk about the Sustainability in Action leadership platform developed by SHULU.

SHULU have developed the 3C model of sustainability to generate confidence, inspire creativity and fuel collaboration.

Marcus believes that if you want to drive sustainable innovation you need to understand what drives people and their creativity.

Marcus talks about the current of fear, control and individualism which can only ever achieve short-term effects of raising awareness.

Raymond talks about people wanting to be part of something, especially something for good. We are animals with a herd mindset. He hopes we can have more positive news, more hope to inspire and connect people to work together for a sustainable future. Behaviour, as they say, is contagious.

Lisa Burke talks to Professor Marcus Müller and Raymond Schadeck

My Guests

Professor Marcus Müller is Professor of Management & Director of Strategic Initiatives at Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.

Marcus enjoyed a global career in finance before turning to academia.

Raymond Schadeck is an independent director for sustainable and societal projects.


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