Want some home-grown culture? Well Esch-Alzette and the surrounding areas are about to take on the mantle of European Capital of Culture, along with Kaunas in Lithuania and Novi Sad in Serbia.

Esch-sur-Alzette, 10 ‘Pro-Sud towns’ and 8 French towns that constitute the “Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette” (CCPHVA) become the European Capital of Culture on February 26th. That means a full programme of major cultural events and exhibitions, across the whole region, open to everyone!

My guests are Nancy Braun, the General Director of the Esch2022 project, and Jessika Maria Rauch, lead PR and Public Affairs for Esch2022.


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The work has been a cross-border collaboration with the French communes.  Plus, pan-European as the team worked closely with Kaunas and Novi Sad - the other two European Capitals of Culture for 2022.

Esch 2022 In Conversation with Lisa Burke

This title normally regenerates an area. Nancy and her team have been conscious to think about sustainable development, that can hopefully increase local and international tourism to a, currently, under-visited region of Luxembourg and France.


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The theme is REMIX Culture to support the REMIX Future of Esch 2022. From February 26th there will be a host of concerts, exhibitions, performances, virtual events and workshops, but you must register - tickets are free! And you could even play an active part in the opening ceremony! Find out more here.

The Minett region, formerly very industrial, has transformed into a fascinating area of nature reserves and so much more. The 'Land of the Red Earth' can be explored by bike or hiking trails.

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Don't forget to register for your free tickets to whatever events you choose to attend!

Esch 2022 In Conversation with Lisa Burke

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