Chatting with Tim Pauly from the Luxembourg Police, we learn how to protect ourselves and our homes from criminals, from burglary to cyber crime.

Tim Pauly, a First Commissaire with the Grand Duchy's Police Department, has worked as a police officer for 20 years: the first fifteen in uniform as a patrol officer and the last five in the national prevention team.

In this conversation we have a candid conversation about how Covid affected crime, and much more besides.

We learn about the Police-App, which includes the "My Safe" function. This allows you to save photos and information on your valuables, such as a bicycle, which simplifies complaints (if they are stolen or damaged) and a potential restitution process.

If you're going on holiday you can inform the police here

For more general information on different aspects of crime prevention, including (cyber-) mobbing, scams and other internet evils check out this page.

There's an e-Police station, which allows you to fill out various more common forms, such as filing a criminal report, incidents and the like.

Tim Pauly of the Luxembourg Police Department chats with Lisa Burke in her Podcast series


How to contact the police

Social media links: all @PoliceLux
Twitter - you can DM the police
Facebook - Messenger
Instagram - Message

For general questions, you can contact the police via e-mail: 
or using this form


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