PISA is a show, presented by Olivier Catani, which explores science and history across Luxembourg, now available in English on RTL Today.

Olivier Catani co-presents PISA with Joseph Rodesch whom I interviewed last time. Together, they probe how things work, the research taking place in Luxembourg and explain various historical sites across the country.

Olivier has been working with RTL for 15 years. Alongside PISA, you'll also find him presenting Live Planet People and Sondesmagazin – Mënschen a Geschichten.

‘Pisa’ has been going since 2009 and they’re about to start Season 13. Over the last year it's been available in English for RTL Today too.

PISA presenter Olivier Catani talks to Lisa Burke

Each summer the presenters devise an annual challenge which is perhaps where they have the most fun (with equal amounts of stress at times!).

Some of the summer challenges mentioned by Olivier in this conversation include their Survival Challenge, building a Pedalo on the Moselle, and visiting the Caves in Müllerthal.



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