Continuing our series on housing, here we discuss the net return to the investor after all the costs and taxes have been considered.

42. Housing - Buy to Let

The four major drivers for understanding the Luxembourg Buy-to-Let market are:

- Gross rental yield (not very high)
- Property appreciation (has been very high - will it continue apace?)
- Leverage the use of your deposit money
- Tax incentives

A new law came in this year so buy-to-let investors need to put down a 20% deposit.

My guests, as in Housing- How to Buy, my last podcast, are Pierre Clement, managing director of Nexvia, and Vincent Quillé, managing director of Nexfin.

They advise:

- buy your own home first, if you can
- buy a buy-to-let which is easy to sell on (1 or 2 bed apartment or such like, with good access to town).
- buy off-plan or a very old house which needs to be redone.

You can get more information on how to buy with our RTL Series Luxembourg Insider



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