This week's episode of The Oatcast, a limited-run investigative series focusing on oats and porridge, features an exclusive interview with an elusive guest.

Presented by porridge-sceptic /Martin, The Oatcast is a brand new RTL Today podcast series which delves into one of life's great mysteries: who eats porridge, and why don't they eat something that isn't a flavourless paste?

This week's episodes take a deeper dive into the conspiracy I uncovered two weeks ago, and dramatically followed up on last week. But this time it's not about me, or what I have uncovered.. but the work of a very special guest.

If you eat porridge, and you don't even have to love it, and fancy being on the show, do get in touch. You can reach me via audience (at) rtltoday (dot) lu, or just send a message to our Facebook page. Alternatively, drop a comment below and I will reach out to you via e-mail.

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Episode 3 - An Exclusive Interview