Alain Kinsch, the outgoing Managing Partner of EY Luxembourg, reflects on life at the top, ambition and legacy.

After being at the helm of EY Luxembourg for 11 years in which he's grown the company 2.5 fold, Alain Kinsch is passing the baton on to his successor, Olivier Coekelbergs, through a six month transition period, next year.

We discuss a multitude of topics including tips from Alain's mentor at Arthur Andersen, Norbert Becker;

"... the notion of stewardship. You want to leave the firm in a better way than when you got it."

Alain also believes that "education is a solution to almost everything." He talks of the ambition of hunger he sees in applicants from India and China, which is not always present in the same way from their European or American counterparts.

Alain made it as a leader, which he always wanted.
He will continue to serve as a Member of the Luxembourg State Council for another decade; the council of chosen representatives to help give their opinions on laws of the land. 


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