Sophie Margue lives a parallel life: professional photographer and champion athlete. Talking to Lisa she discusses future aims and how she fits it all in.

Sophie Margue is a driven woman with an intrinsic want to do her best, in work and in sport. Actually in anything that she does.

Triathlete & half Ironman

Sophie started cycling races at the age of six, then added running and swimming, to become a triathlete. She even participated in the junior European Championships (2008).


© Yann Hellers

Margue is a Luxembourg champion multiple times and has participated in several elite ETU European Cups. She has competed around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Budapest, Lisbon, Finland, Canada and Australia. She's also a 3 time Ironman 70.3 national champion.


© Sophie Margue

The point at which she felt her training for being a triathlete had plateaued, Sophie turned her focus to the half Ironman. After a frustrating year for athletes, where almost all events were cancelled, Sophie kept up her training and feels in peak form.


© Yann Hellers

With hope and crossed fingers she is aiming to compete in an Ironman competition in Lisbon in November - hoping that this too won't be cancelled.


Swimming outside / © Sophie Margue

Sophie studied History of Art, Communication and Media design in Munich. After various internships and work experiences she decided to become a full time freelance photographer.  Three years on and her work has garnered the highest respect from some very famous clients here in Luxembourg.

Ambitions of an Iron Woman


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