The merging of our physical and digital world is ever shrinking. Here, Sergio Coronado, founder of the Luxembourg Tech School and Nathan Summers, a cognitive science major at UCLA, discuss some of the issues at hand with Lisa Burke.

We live semi-glued to our smart phones. Many of us have smart accessories, voice activated aid at home or in the office... it surrounds us.

Automation is replacing jobs, and as such, new jobs are being created. Algorithms are increasingly dictating our content feeds. And brain computer interfaces, brain implants, have been created.

The tech giants are monopolies of servers, social and streaming functionality. They have more money than countries. Their influence is enormous.

Where is the conversation around ethics in all of this? If the digital world is changing our lifestyles at such a rate, it is imperative that our discussion; legal, governmental and educational systems keep pace.

6. Digital Ethics

Sergio Coronado, with the Luxembourg Tech School, is going to embark on a new arm of discussion in the coming term with his students, bringing in experts in the field to think about what questions we need to consider.

Nathan Summers, as a cognitive science student at UCLA and social gamer, knows the pros and cons of how we can become addicted but also what good can be borne of online activities for many. 

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