Luxembourg artist Jean-Marie Biwer's exhibition opened in MUDAM just as COVID hit. Here, the artist and director of MUDAM, Suzanne Cotter, talk about their interlinked roles, how they managed through coronavirus lock-down and how the museum is now opening up once more.

Jean-Marie Biwer, born and raised in Dudelange, has been a painter all his life. Currently, the MUDAM exhibition D'après nature showcases his work from the past 15 years.

Suzanne Cotter, Australian by birth, has spent her life immersed in the great art institutions and houses around the world. She talks of how she came to meet Jean-Marie and how her team decide upon the range of what to exhibit in MUDAM so that there will be something to hopefully appeal to everyone.

Jean-Marie's exhibition remains open for August, extended due to the museum closure due to Coronavirus. 

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3. Exploring art with an artist and MUDAM

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Jean-Marie Biwer and Suzanne Cotter in front of the Birch Tree Painting at the Cafeteria at Mudam. /