You know those headlines that make you look twice? If it's not news, and it's not our weather sagas, it's likely to be the machinations of the mind of John-Paul Gomez.

Cutting through the idiosyncracies of living in Luxembourg, J.P. Gomez created the satirical site, Luxembourg Wurst. He manages to twist niggling thoughts we may have had into conscious, concise, comical stories.

And as he hones his writing art, John-Paul remains a quiet character. You'll be hard pressed to find a photo of him online.

In this, our first podcast with Lisa Burke, we are delighted to introduce the man behind the Wurst; how he arrived in Luxembourg for love, his creative process & being a stay-at-home dad.

You can find his satirical work on and his professional writing services on; don't confuse the two!

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1. The man behind the Wurst: J.P. Gomez

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