Healthcare policies differ in every country. Following a question from one of our readers, we looked into how Luxembourg handles co-insurance.

In many countries it's possible that your healthcare coverage can extend to people who are dependent on you and not otherwise insured. Here's how Luxembourg handles it depending on whether you reside in Luxembourg, simply work in Luxembourg or if your family members live here.

As a Luxembourgish resident
 you can only co-insure your partner either married or in a civil union (PACS), or a child that you care for. In this instance, it doesn’t matter whether the children are legitimate, natural or adopted.

How you proceed to co-insure a spouse will depend on their country of origin. If the spouse has been insured at any point in Luxembourg you can simply contact the CNS by phone or email.

If your spouse previously lived and was insured in an EU country or any country that has a bi-lateral agreement with the Grand-Duchy, a certificate of co-insurance issued by the former health insurance fund must be presented to the CNS.

If the spouse/partner has left a country not linked to Luxembourg by bilateral or multilateral agreement: generally, the CNS will send a sworn statement form to be filled out by the partner.

For your child, co-insurance normally happens automatically. They will be covered until the age of 30. An extension of this coverage period is possible if your child is pursuing higher education.

As a cross-border worker, working and being insured in Luxembourg, family members may also be co-insured in Luxembourg. However, the legislation of the country of residence determines which family members may be co-insured with the main insured in Luxembourg.

Each family member defined as a dependent of the principal insured will in turn need an individual registration form. The country of residence will request this form from Luxembourg electronically via the electronic exchange of social security information database.

A certificate of entitlement to co-insurance submitted by the principal insured cannot be accepted.

If the main insured person lives abroad and the family member(s) live in Luxembourg and are not otherwise insured here or abroad, a request for co-insurance can be submitted to the CNS, "Service coassurance et signalétique" service. They will then decide whether the request for co-insurance is eligible.

Whatever the case may be, co-insuring a family member will not cost the main policy holder more.

CNS has made a video explaining the above mentioned procedures in French.

For further questions or for more information you can check out the CNS FAQ section or call their hotline (+352) 27 57-1.