Parking in Luxembourg, as in many overcrowded cities, can be a headache. So how do you avoid getting a ticket and optimise your parking habits?

Follow along on this guide to parking in Luxembourg to avoid fines.. and indeed avoiding the mistakes made in our classic 'bad parking' series of articles from 2019.

Parking permits

If you own a car and are a resident in one of Luxembourg’s city districts, you are entitled to a residential parking permit. This renders parking effectively free in most of the parking zones outlined below (when in your district of residence). The annual permit can be requested from your municipal authority, the first permit is free, the second is €60, and the third is €120 per resident. You may also request limited visitor permits for €16 if a family member would come visit you for a longer time period.

In this category, and used along with permits, there is also the parking disk. It allows you to park in any parking zone for up to two hours for free in the city. You can request it from your municipality. Careful though, there is one parking disk for Luxembourg City, and another for the blue parking zones of other municipalities (such as Hesperange, Strassen or Walferdange).

Parking zones

If you do not own a parking permit, you can follow the colour codes that organise the different parking zones around Luxembourg city. All of these are subject to a fee from Monday to Saturday (except for holidays) from 8AM to 6PM.

The following rules apply in the different zones (2022):

WHITE: Max. 30 mins - free

ORANGE: Max. 2 hours - €2/hour

YELLOW: Max. 3 to 5 hours for roadside, Max. 5 to 10 hours for car park - €1/hour

GREEN: Max. 5 hours - €2/h for first 3h, then €1.50/h

VIOLET: Max. 10 hours - €0,5/h

Beware, more densely populated and frequented districts such as the Centre, Gare, and Clausen do not always conform to these rules.

Final details

Call2Park: This handy way of purchasing parking tickets via sms exists in the Centre, Gare and Limperstberg districts. Same rules apply as above, although you do need to register first, then use your phone and pay by credit card!

Fines: Can range between €15 and €50 for up to a couple hours of unpaid parking, but they obviously vary depending on circumstances. Parking rules are often enforced in Luxembourg, so it’s usually not worth the gamble! If you are illegally parked, be prepared to come back to wheel clamps or a towed car.

P+R: Or Park & Ride parking offers free parking spots on the outskirts of the city, with public buses to drive you out where you need. Among them: P + R Bouillon, Luxembourg-South and Kockelscheuer.

Car parks: Finally, there are many private parks, and while they can be of great service, they can be pricier - ranging from €2-3/hour to €30/day - and even they can get full! You can check out this useful RTL traffic tool, where on top of information about current traffic and fuel prices, you’ll find the current capacity of popular parking spots before setting out for them.

And of course, don’t forget that public transport is free, a worldwide rarity! So think twice before hopping in your car, the planet and your wallet (and possibly your heart rate) will thank you.